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Rectuoso is a simple, secure, easy to learn and easy to use database.

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At Rectuoso we take security very seriously. Rectuoso recruitment software security architecture is designed and developed by a professional team who are experts in providing enterprise cloud security.

Our team monitors the database 24/7 to ensure all our customers data is safe and secure, and all this happens in the background without our customers even knowing it.

Below are few of the security measures we follow to protect the database (We can not disclose all because of security reasons).

  • We have chosen Rackspace as our hosting provider who is an industry leader in providing secure and scalable infrastructures. No Tom, Dick and Harry.
  • We backup the database every hour and we do this 24/7 and 365 days a year. Data is securely transferred to redundant storage locations to ensure smooth running even in case of a catastrophic failures.
  • Database can only be accessed via web browsers and communication to and from our servers is highly encrypted using 128-bit SSL certificate.
  • Our database monitors the user activity 24/7 and reports to system administrators in case of any un-usual and suspected access to the database.
  • We ensure timely security updates to the operating system and other softwares.