Easy to use recruitment software for agencies in the UK.

Easy as Pie

Rectuoso is a simple, secure, easy to learn and easy to use database.

Go Social

Find the right talent by posting your jobs to Social Networks for free.

Job Board

Drive social traffic and let candidates apply for jobs from your website.

No Contracts.

  • No Hidden Costs.
  • No Contracts.
  • No Exit Fees.

Drag and Drop CV Parsing

The CV parsing functionality automatically parses CV within seconds and fills the key fields of the candidates profile in the software. The drag and drop functionality provides recruiters an alternative method to add CVs. Our parse CV feature doesn't just parse the key details on candidates CV, it also stores their employment history into the software.

CV to Email

Parse CV through emails by forwarding them to a special email address that reads the emailed CV attachments and automatically create candidate records in one-click. Parsing is incredibly fast, freeing up your valuable time without logging into the software.

Bulk CV Upload

With CV Parsing, you can upload a maximum of 10 CV’s at a time. This adds quickness and efficiency of uploading candidate data onto the system saving you time from manual admin work. Rectuoso is intelligent enough to recognise the key data from CVs and automatically generates a candidate record. If 10 CVs at a time isn’t enough for you and you have a high volume of records that need uploading, we can do that for you just ask our team for details.

Website Job Application Form

Our website job board integration allows potential jobseekers to view your job vacancies and submit an application which directly uploads their details on to the recruitment software. Attract visitors on your website and maximise results.

Quick Create

With Quick Create, you can quickly add a candidate, company or job in a few seconds. Features an interface that contains the most important fields making it time-manageable to add a record and update later. Busy and want to add candidates quickly? Utilise quick create functionality for optimal performance. When you quick add a company you can also add company contacts.