Onsite Training

Need us to come to you? No problem, our expert Rectuoso team are happy to visit your offices and train your team to be smarter and faster recruiters. Whether you need a standard training session or something more specific. Alternatively you can visit our offices for training or to discuss your requirements.

Online Training

We offer online training through email, live chat and a live demo so you can ask us questions right away, to strengthen your knowledge in using our recruitment software. Whether it's a small or big problem, or a question, we are always here to help and resolve your queries.

Video Tutorials

Our complete set of video tutorials guides you through the features of the software and are continuously updated. So if you just started using the recruitment database, have a look at our videos to help you through learning our system. However if its a specific problem its more than likely you’ll find the answer in our video tutorials, which include step by step tutorials which cover every function of the software.

Live Chat

Have a question to ask? Our dedicated team are always available to answer your queries. Visit our website to access this function and have a chat about any issues with the software or pricing.