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Simple and easy to use recruitment software

Before we started to develop the Rectuoso Recruitment Software, we were definitely aware of the fact that there are quite a lot of recruitment softwares/databases readily available in the market. So we thought of performing market/product research to support our decision to develop yet another Recruitment Software.

After an initial six months of market research we identified and concluded couple of facts which motivated us to develop Rectuoso Recruitment Software.

1) 30-40% of the recruitment softwares are not on the cloud. They still run on age old, legacy technologies which are installed on individual client computers. How many of you know that UK is the most internet-based major economy?
2) 25-30% of the recruitment softwares are too dearer for the small and mid-sized businesses. In UK there are roughly about 9000 recruitment companies, out of which 5000 to 7000 companies have teams less than 15 to sole traders. It is very tough for small companies, especially startups, to invest huge budget on software licenses.
3) Rest of the recruitment softwares suffer from several drawbacks like lack of good support, lack of rich database features, failure to cope up with the recruitment trends etc.,

We were determined to bring a change, provide a fantastic and simple recruitment software and make some difference. So, we had put ourselves 6 goals before we started designing Rectuoso Recruitment Software. 

The outcome must be:
  1. Effective - Understand the goals in the context of the user’s environment let these needs inform the design. Importantly, how quickly a task is completed must complement how well the task is completed.
  2. Efficient - Unlike conventional software testing where experience and expertise of developer plays a major role, we decided to rely on user feedback, watching real people use the product and using what is learned to improve the product and continuously evolve it.
  3. Engaging - The visual design is most obvious characteristic of a database, hence the user interface design must meet the expectations and needs of the people who will use the interface. In simple terms, design must be pleasent and satisfying to the end user.
  4. Error Tolerant - Database must report the message gently and politely correct the mistake. Provide the ability to back track, audit the database. Design architecture that guarantees 24/7 availability of the database.
  5. Easy to Learn - Design the interface such a way that veterans and non-technical staff could easily learn the database without personal support and training.
  6. Economical - Database must provide a good value/service in relation to the amount of money, time, or effort spent by the recruiters of all sizes and shapes.Right from sole traders to industry gaints.

Exactly after a year we launched Rectuoso with all the above said characteristics. We must say that these are the fundamental elements on which Rectuoso Recruitment Software is built upon and will be developed upon.

So from our prespective, this is what a simple and easy to use recruitment software is all about, it must contain all the six characteristics outlined above.

Today we are proud for whatever we have achived in a year and we look forward to provide better services without moving away from these fundamental characteristics.